1930... Acoustic box - bassreflex - transmissionline - open system ...2008: Acs-eMic

ACS-E 's fundamental approach in loudspeakers: the distortion free design.

Due to fundamental design trade-offs,  virtually all loudspeakers, no matter what size or price, produce distortion (deviate from the original source signal), even when equipped with an ideal driver unit.

ACS-E developed the distortion-free loudspeaker in an engineered breakthrough since R. Small in 1971, starting from the earlier work of A.N. Thiele, published the engineered modelling of small-signal parameters of a driver.

The ACS-E design behaves as a true single-sided radiator without low frequency restrictions,

can have the size of a bookshelf loudspeaker design or smaller, eliminates the necessity of n > 2-way systems and may be incorporated in practically any application ie. passive, active, sub-woofer, and other systems.

The technology is engineered and not subject to human interpretation nor does it rely on psycho-acoustics.

This sounds awesome, so does the test system ... it truly makes the difference, but ACS-E does not manufacture or sell loudspeakers.


ACS-E may license the patented technology to interested companies that are willing to make an investment in R&D to make themselves aquainted with background of the technology and to determine whether it fits their product- and marketing-strategy.

Sounds as recorded

email: acs-e@ziggo.nl